WSDW’s AEC Committee



As our AEC committee heads into our second year of focused service to the cause of combating global warming, I wanted to give you all a run-down of some of the work that we have been involved with over the last year and some victories achieved during the year:

–We organized a major fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership through guest speakers at our meetings, phone calls, letter-writing campaigns and attending major protest events such as The Break Free Event in Anacortes last spring (2016). Due to our actions in concert with others all around the world, the TPP was shuttered.
–We organized letter-writing campaigns and phone-calling campaigns in opposition to leases for several coal export terminals (including most recently the Cherry Point Aquatic reserve and the Longview Coal Export Terminal, where then-Commissioner Goldmark recently denied leases to the requesting companies– our involvement and activism helped lead him to make that decision).
–We joined forces with the organization Plant for the Planet, by attending their Climate Ambassador Academies and inviting Sue Lenander from that organization to educate our membership about how planting trees can help to lower our carbon footprint.
–We attended Delridge Day last summer, 2016 (WSDW was a co-sponsor of the event) and educated our community about global warming and invited them to take action by writing a haiku poem about its effects on the climate.  We collected more than 50 haiku poems written by neighbors, leaders of non-profit-organizations, and even some elected (our Mayor Ed Murray penned a haiku for us).  We sent copies of all the haikus to the offices of Sen.s Murray and Cantwell.
–We brought Wolf Lichtenstein as a guest speaker to educate the membership about Carbon offsetting and how this practice benefits the environment.
–Our phone-calling and letter-writing campaigns have also been instrumental in shuttering plans to build the Keystone XL Pipeline, and drilling for oil in the Arctic (we attended the Shell No protests which took place last year).
–We inform the membership of events and activities in our community through our website (
–Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, who is the Chair of the Environmental Affairs Committee in Olympia has visited our membership meetings and given us a behind-the-scenes look at what our leaders are doing for us and how we can stay involved in our government.
Thanks again everyone for a great first year!  I look forward to diving into our second year with new leadership and a call to all of you to stay involved any way you can, to fight our hearts out to make sure the new administration in the White House does right by us and by our planet!
Cheers everyone,
Rachel Glass 
AEC Committee, Outgoing Chair


“AEC”. pronounced like the ACE in a deck of cards, stands for

  • A for Awareness,
  • E for Education and
  • C for Climate Action


AEC Committee’s Mission Statement

“To increase awareness, provide education, and support direct climate action to combat global warning.”


AEC Committee Members:

  • Committee Co-Chairs:  Rachel Glass & Grace Stiller
  • Peggy Abby
  • Anne Miller
  • Mike Wald
  • Theresa McCormick
  • Bogdana Marole
  • Ann Martin