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The Poetry-Storytelling community started things off on January 28th with a mix of poetry and standup comedy! WSDW member Georgie Kunkel was the featured comedienne at 7:00 PM at the C&P Coffee on California Avenue.

Our Georgie was married to her late husband Norman Kunkel for over sixty years, had four children, nine grandchildren and almost ten great grandchildren. She has appeared on the Oprah Show, produced and presented a 70 minute live show reading from her newspaper column and doing comedy, has appeared on the comedy stage since she was 80, presented at the conference on Laughter and Play in the Adirondacks, produced a DVD on Caregiving while taking full care of her husband before he died, author of two books and three mini books, was honored by WA Women in Trades, appeared on the first annual Rosie the Riveter Calendar in 2008, writes a weekly column for her local newspaper, writes for NW Prime Time, was videotaped by America’s Got Talent, and will appear on the Antiques Road Show in May of 2015.



34th State Senator: Sharon Nelson

34th State Representative Pos 1: Eileen Cody

34th State Representative Pos 2: Joe Fitzgibbon

Seattle Municipal Court Judge Pos #2: Kimi Kondo

YES on Initiative 594

NO on Initiative 591

Choose City of Seattle Proposition 1B

YES on Monorail (Seattle Transportation Improvement District)


OF INTEREST – SEATTLE PUBLIC BANK FORUM: There will be a Seattle Public Bank Forum on December 10, 2014 from 7 to 9 pm at the University Temple, United Methodist Church, 1415 NE 43rd, Seattle, at the corner of 15th Ave and 43rd St. in the U-District, just across the street from the Burke Museum and UW School of Law.) Doors open at 6:30. There is parking at the University Bookstore lot and a 72 bus runs on 15th Ave NE and stops there.

Come here our panel discuss how a Seattle Public Bank can keep our money local and create jobs. The panel will be moderated by Wayne Lau, a retired banker and now executive director of Rainier Valley Community Development Fund. The panel members are: Nick Licata, Seattle City Councilmember, Chair of Finance and Budget Committees, Dr. Thomas Keidel, Federation of (locally owned) German Savings Banks, Board Representative, Dr. Karl Beitel, author and political economist, UC Davis, Ms. Gwendolyn Hallsmith, executive director of Public Banking Institute.

This event is sponsored by the Seattle Public Bank Coalition, the Public Banking Institute, University Temple United Methodist Church, Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation, and the Seattle Good Business Network.

For more information about the event and about public banking, see


How are the KC Bar Associations judge ratings compiled?

Our Guest speaker and candidate for relection, Municipal Court Judge Position No. 2 Kimi Kondo, gave us a real understanding of how the Municipal Court works and her function as the Preciding Judge overseeing a $27.8 million budget, and her particular interest and work in the Mental Health Therapeutic Court for the last year and a half. She also talked briefly of the limitations of the King County Bar Association’s ratings.   If you want more information Go to the King County Bar Associations 2014 report for more information on how the ratings are compiled. See

See the Seattle Times Op-ed: Fix the King County Bar Association’s Candidate Ratings article at