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Hello Members, Supporters and Friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women!

Our organization is co-sponsoring this event, which offers another great opportunity to stay active and involved in helping to support our immigrant and refugee neighbors in these times of uncertainty!  WSDW is a Co-Sponsoring organization for this event and I am one of the lead organizers, so I hope many of you will plan to attend! It is a FREE event but you need to register at Brown Paper Tickets, just so we can keep an accurate head count–seating is limited for this event!

The cool flier with graphics is attached as a document in this email–check it out!  Plain text is below.


WSDW, Chair

Justice Workshop on Supporting Local Immigrants & Refugees! – June 3, 2017

Email 4/12/2017

Pathways and Networks for Justice
Workshop on Supporting Local Immigrants and Refugees

When:  Saturday June 3rd from 10:00-1:00PM

Where:  7141 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136 (Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, in the basement meeting hall)

Free registration:  Brown Paper Tickets (please register for accurate participant count)


Please join us!  Presentations will be provided by the following workshop partners:

ACLUCasa LatinaOneAmericaCouncil on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)Southwest Youth and Family Services


Summary of workshop:

The Trump Administration has taken multiple steps to target the immigrant and refugee members of our community, including: attempts to institute a Muslim Ban, denying federal funds to Sanctuary Cities, racist speech resulting in large increases in hate crimes, unjust deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to name a few.  Many in our Greater Seattle community want to take action to help local immigrants and refugees; this workshop is designed to provide specifics on how to help.


This two-part workshop will: 1) provide a basic foundation for the current state of affairs for immigrants in the United States today, broken into four key areas, and 2) provide opportunities for community members and activists to learn about various organizations that are already mobilized to serve our immigrant neighbors within these four key areas (listed below).


Four key pathways to help local immigrants and refugees:

Path 1:  Current Legislative Framework – the ACLU will provide an update on the Trump Administration’s policy changes, including specifics on how these proposed new laws and policies impact local immigrants, as well as ways we can fight back and advocate for legislation reflecting a freedom/sanctuary community.

Path 2:  Encountering Law Enforcement – it’s likely not a matter of “if” but “when” Federal law enforcement will amplify their actions against local immigrants.  Casa Latina will discuss actions, strategies and tactics that are being developed.

Path 3:  Responding to Prejudice – Trump’s hate rhetoric and scapegoating of minorities has led to a precipitous spike in expressions of prejudice, hatred and resentment around the country.  OneAmerica will examine this dynamic and its impact on our communities.  In addition, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will provide a presentation on the rise of Islamophobia.

Path 4:  Meeting Basic Needs – The Executive Director of Southwest Youth and Family Services will provide an overview of the most pressing needs for newly arrived immigrant families, as well as the Agency’s programs for supporting immigrant and refugee youth.


Additional immigrant/refugee support organizations invited to attend:

Americans for Refugees and Immigrants; East African Community Services; El Centro de la Raza; Jewish Family Service; Northwest Immigrant Rights Project; Northwest Justice Project; Horn of Africa Services (HOAS); Open Doors for Multicultural Families; Refugee Woman’s Alliance; St. James Immigrant Assistance; Washington Community Action Network (CAN); White Center Community Development Association; World Relief Seattle


Partnering organizations to date include:


Admiral Congregational Church

Casa Latina

Communities Rising!

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Hate Free Delridge

Leadership Tomorrow


Open Doors for Multicultural Families

Seattle Globalist

Southwest Youth and Family Services

The Church Council of Greater Seattle

West Seattle Democratic Women

West Seattle Family YMCA

White Center Community Development Association

Women of Wisdom



Please register for forum at


March For Science is on April 22nd–Please join the event!

Email 4/17/2017


Peoples Climate Supplement – Tomorrow’s Call In

Email 4/11/2017

Hello WSDW members, supporters and friends!

This is a supplement to the email I sent about The People’s Climate March is so important!  Below is some information for those of you who would like to participate and add your support even if you aren’t available or don’t want to attend the March itself!  I can attest that the speakers for this call-in are solid and inspiring folks, and you can join the call from the comfort of your own home!  For those who attend the 34th Dems General Meeting, this call-in starts at 5:00, so it shouldn’t conflict!


WSDW, Chair

There’s nothing Donald Trump hates more than mass protest – and he hates it because it works.
Since inauguration, we’ve seen what people power can achieve: Trumpcare? Withdrawn. Muslim ban? Blocked. Now Trump’s entire fossil fuel agenda is next.
We’ve invited a powerful lineup of speakers: Van Jones from Dream Corps, Keith Ellison from Congressional Progressive Caucus, Jordan Marie Daniel from Rising Hearts, and Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman from Massachusetts Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action.
The Peoples Climate March is a full-scale mobilization to defeat Trump’s fossil fueled agenda, push forward our own vision of a clean energy economy, and build real political power. It’s happening on April 29 in Washington DC and across the USA.
100,000 people have already signed up to march. 250 sister marches are being planned across the country. Students, workers, faith communities, Indigenous nations, and environmental groups are all joining together to make this day historic – there’s even a delegation of fisherman traveling to DC by boat.
Together – and only together – can we chart another path for America: away from Trump’s agenda for a cruel, polluted and divided country, and towards a clean energy economy that works for everyone.
At the end of the first 100 days of Trump’s administration, April 29 is our moment to make it resoundingly clear that the people who stand for climate action, justice, and jobs are a force too great to ignore.
It will take all of us. But together, we can change everything.



WA DOT intends to sweep a small homeless camp at 518 and 8th Ave South TODAY at 8:00 AM.

This is the first I’ve heard of a formal sweep occurring in Burien.  Two of the residents are a woman and her adult son who have lived there on and off for two years.  She’s a regular at the library during the day, and has been featured on KOMO news.  If the camp gets swept today, she has nowhere to go.  Presumably, there are others in her situation.

  • Rally your friends and neighbors to witness and document the sweep.
  • Stand in solidarity with those being removed from their homes and provide any support you can.
  • Bring members of your favorite nonprofit, synagogue, church, mosque, or other agency to provide assistance before the sweep arrives.



Email March 22, 2017


On April 2nd we have Hope and Action with Senator Kevin Ranker and Tina Podlodowski, it’s a free event and I just wanted to get you these details in the hopes that you have someone you’d like to send it out to, we’d like to pack the house for them. 
Join Senator Kevin Ranker at The Moore Theatre on April 2nd for a presentation on the specific actions we can take to protect our human rights and core values. In a time of feeling powerless and overwhelmed, learn how we can move beyond protests and be the change we want to see. This is free to attend, doors open at noon and program will begin at 1pm. Opening words by State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski.





Email March 2, 2017

Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends of West Seattle Democratic Women!

Town hall meetings are an excellent way to get involved and stay active in our democracy, and your presence increases the impact!  Please see the message below and consider attending a town hall meeting.  If you do go, let me know and you can be our spotlight in the Action Share-Out at our next membership meeting!

Tag, you’re it!

Rachel Glass
West Seattle Democratic Women, Chair




Email March 2, 2017

Subject: [PRN-Community] A great resource–Hotline provided by City’s Office of Civil Rights

Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends of West Seattle Democratic Women

Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights has just rolled out their “Seattle’s Bias Hurts Campaign”, which is providing resources for people who have either witnessed or have been victims of harassment and/or hate crimes.  Please see the link I am providing and feel free to use it if you need to.  Or if you know someone who could benefit from this resource, I urge you to send it to them; in fact, I encourage you to pass this information to your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone you think this could be help for.  The more we know, and the more we can be of service to any of our neighbors who need our help, is just one more way we can strengthen our neighborhood, our community, our city, and so on..

Here is the phone hotline that folks can call (I’m not sure if you just leave a message or if there are real, live professionals to answer the phone and talk with victims).

Here’s the link to the article about the program and the hotline number is included:

Thank you for being wonderful neighbors!



West Seattle Democratic Women, Chair




Email February 7, 2017


Members and Supporters

Saving the EPA, the agency that protects our nation’s air, water, food and environment, is a cause I truly feel is worth fighting for!  The message you send will go to both Senators Murray and Cantwell and Congresswoman Jayapal (click on the link below).  All of their phone numbers are listed below their names and I urge you to keep those numbers handy (or better yet, input them as contacts on your phone, so you can call them easily!).  Also please forward this to your contacts, colleagues, anyone you can think of, so we can get the word out and flood our legislators’ phone lines!

Keep up the fight, it’s a tough one, but we are tough and we are worth it!

In solidarity,

Rachel Glass, WSDW Chair



Explore. Enjoy. Protect.
Tell Congress to oppose a bill to eliminate the EPA! 
Send a message!

Dear Rachel,

The Environmental Protection Agency’s existence is on the line. Send your Representative and Senators a message to defend the EPA.

The signs are clear: On Friday, Congress introduced a bill to to “terminate” the EPA1, Trump has signed an executive order requiring that for every one new Federal regulation, two must be revoked 2, and he banned EPA employees from “providing updates on social media or to reporters.” 3

On top of that, people with close ties to Big Oil and Dirty Coal are being put into high level positions at every turn — the vote for big polluters’ favorite lawyer, Scott Pruitt, as EPA Administrator is on the horizon this week or next. And leaked Trump Administration documents4 show their plans to destroy the EPA.

This bill is just the next step to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise to “eliminate” the EPA.

This ends now. Send Congress a message that you oppose any attempt to eliminate the EPA or hurt their ability to protect our environment.

If the EPA were to be eliminated, polluters would be unchecked, and even programs that are popular in red states, like Superfund cleanups, would go away.

Our air and water would be largely unprotected, and more disasters like the Flint water crisis would undoubtedly follow. Polluters would have a field day, and climate change would continue unabated.

The good news is, we’re fighting back. People have already hit the streets against this radical agenda– like earlier today in Chicago when hundreds of EPA employees and Sierra Club members and supporters showed their resistance to any attempt to curb EPA’s authority or ability to protect us. 

Join them by sending a message to your Representative and Senators to oppose this and any other attempt to eliminate the EPA.

Thanks for everything you do to protect the EPA and our environment,

Melinda Pierce
Sierra Club  

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                Email February 4, 2017


Hi, Everyone!

I just watched a YouTube video of Elizabeth Warren’s speech to the Progressive Congress Strategy Summit held in Baltimore on February 4th of this year.  I thought you might enjoy it. 



Senator Elizabeth Warren,

It is an empowering look at how “We the People” can utilize our voices to make a difference and pressure our leaders to cast their votes in favor of the issues that are important to us!

Please consider putting the number of the US Capitol switchboard (202.224.3121) into your mobile phone so you can call your Senators often to encourage them to vote for what is important to you!  Any topic–whether DAPL, confirming Trump’s Cabinet member candidates, Medicare, Social Security, Supreme Court justices, women’s healthcare, etc..   Just dial the number and a switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

Why not make it an enjoyable event by getting together with a few of your friend and all of you make calls.  It takes only about a minute and a half to make the call and the impact is undeniable!

Let everyone who might be interested know about this video and telephone number for as Senator Warren says, “We need to fight our hearts out and when we stand together, there is nothing we can’t do!”






                      Email January 22, 2017

Hello, members, supporters, and friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women!

Yesterday, all around the globe, in all time zones, there were over four million people marching for peace, for happiness, for justice, for equality, for

reason, for anything and everything which sustains all people!  I wanted to personally thank everyone who was able to join the Womxn’s March yesterday.  It was a momentous event with what they originally reported was 130,000 people marching by the end of yesterday (almost three times as many people as they were expecting).  As of today, the numbers have been updated and they are now saying that a whopping 175,000 people turned out for the March in Seattle yesterday!  The morale was high amongst a very energized, peaceful, purposeful crowd!  There was not one instance of disruption, negativity or violence. Check out this link below for a map of the world to see how others around the globe shared our mission to be heard and to take action for resistance, love, and progress!

If you were not able to attend yesterday, thank you for any work that you may have done in the run up to The March, whether it was making a sign or knitting/sewing “pussyhats” or in some way supporting someone you knew was going to attend. I invite you to watch this link below to see some of the pictures as well as a breath-taking aerial view of the sea of pink humanity that filled the streets along the entire route of the March.  It’s a sight to behold!

Whether you are inspired by being a marcher or knowing a marcher, our work is not done.  We’ve got our climate hanging in the balance, not to mention Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  I ask you to consider putting phone calls in to our legislators on a regular basis regarding important issues (I’ve timed it and it takes about 1.5 minutes to make a call), writing letters, coming to meetings and bringing in your ideas on how we can make our voices heard and make our actions lead to progress!

(202) 224-3121 (US Capital Switchboard–Senate)
(202) 225-3106  (Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal)Thanks again for being such an important part of our Movement!
WSDW, Chair


As the weather cools in Seattle, the election season is heating up! This email includes several items that will help plug you into political action locally and beyond. Community and police relations are at the forefront of things we care about; getting out our vote is critical if we are to regain the legislature; endorsing candidates will help our family and friends know who the best candidates are; and working to support issues will make a real difference today and into the future.

  • First, the West Seattle Democratic Women will feature Caption Davis of the Seattle Police Department as our speaker at its September meeting. He will talk about new initiatives on the part of the police department to integrate into and support communities. Captain Davis is a veteran leader here and throughout Seattle.This will be a dinner event at the West Seattle Golf Course with registration starting at 6 pm, dinner at 6:15, a brief business meeting at about 6:45 and a program between 7 and 8.The cost of dinner is $15 for members and $20 for guests. A room fee of $7.50 includes dessert and beverage is available for those who do not want dinner. A no-host bar is available at the golf course clubhouse you want something stronger than tea or coffee.Please RSVP by Sunday, September 18 by response to this email or by calling me at 206-935-4693.
  • Endorsement ballots will be distributed to members at the meeting onSeptember 22. Only candidates who have visited us in the last calendar year can be endorsed for offices down ticket from statewide offices. We will also be considering ballot measures. Initiative 735, related to overturningCitizens United, has already been endorsed.
  • We are pretty comfortable that our local leaders will be re-elected, but we know how important it is to have legislators from other districts that have similar progressive ideals and will support Democratic efforts to make Washington a better, more equitable state. For this reason, we have committed to helping another legislative district nearby support its candidates.Elizabeth Heath, Parliamentarian and longtime member, is heading up that effort for us. In coordination with Les Treall of the 34th LD Dems, she has been in communication (actually has already gone down to Federal Way at least once already) with the campaign manager for legislative candidates to arrange times for a team of WSDW people to go down and phone bank or doorbell in the 30th LD. Here are some dates when you and others would be able to work on this important task:- September 24
    October 1
    October 8Please contact Elizabeth for details (206-326-9111). I think she is trying to arrange something for mornings followed by a lunch gathering. Should be a fun and important activity!
  • Finally, we will be nominating people for the WSDW leadership and elections held in November for installation at the beginning of the year. If you are interested in running for one of the following positions, please let us know – chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer or parliamentarian. We also need people to help with outreach, with membership and especially with registration as our superb greeter and registration guru, Sonia Glenn, is retiring. Or (or should I say and) if you are interested in working on our climate action committee, please let us know. If you have another passion you think we should be addressing, let us know that too.

Only 60 days to go before one of the most important elections of our time is over! Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by reply to this email address or by phone at 206-935-4693. See you soon.

Ann Martin, Chair

West Seattle Democratic Women