Pussyhats!!! Who knew???  Here’s an example of a creative kind of local activism (with national potential) going on and a reminder to us all that there are many different ways to resist and make your voice heard. On a serious note, this demonstrates that people of all backgrounds are protesting Trump and the GOP!  Enjoy the read (maybe order a hat!) and keep thinking about ways that you can take some action against what is surely going to be an uncertain four years ahead.  We will truly need all hands on deck!  Let me know your ideas and let’s make them happen!   In solidarity,  Rachel

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Pussyhat, what?…

Probably not the language you thought you’d be hearing from a local yarn shop, but, well, we didn’t think certain terms would be in the spotlight this last year either.

In case you haven’t heard about it, there is a nationwide campaign, The Pussyhat Project,  going on to produce pink cat-eared hats for the Women’s March on Washington D.C. on January 21st. This project connects makers making pink “pussyhats” with marchers a-marching. Imagine: A sea of pink as hundreds of thousands march on (or near) the National Mall for women’s (human, family, community) rights and strength! That is an image we, for one, would love to witness. Sister marches across the nation will also be happening the same day, donning pink hats in solidarity.

Both The Pussyhat Project and the Women’s March on Washington have amazing mission statements that we suggest you take a deeper look at.

In solidarity,

Jessica, Jennifer, Cory, Stacy & Cassandra

~The Weaving Works

In the Pink

Yes! We currently have pink yarn! We stocked up for the last week before the marches and also have some beautiful hand dyed yarns for variety’s sake. Stop by the shop (or get in touch) if you are in need of pink yarn.

Pussyhat Distribution

When we first committed to The Pussyhat Project over Thanksgiving weekend, we committed to contributing to the sea of pink for the March on Washington. Shortly after, nationwide Sister Marches cropped up and adopted the pink-manteau. As such, our first priority is to furnish local marchers marching in Washington DC with locally made Pussyhats, and then to fulfill as many local marcher’s requests as possible.

Seriously, all the details and FAQs are on our blog.

Makers: Please bring/send us your extra hats by the 17th, we will be shipping any excess hats we have to The Pussyhat Coordinators in DC on the 18th. Any hats we receive after we ship will be immediately routed to local marchers!

Requesters: Please, please read our blog post and follow the instructions to request a hat for marching. We have received hundreds of requests and are trying to keep things clear and efficient.


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FREE PUSSYHAT HELPDuring the following Drop-In times:

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Check out The Pussyhat Project for knit, crochet and sewing patterns at various sizes. These hats are SIMPLE (like knitting a third of a scarf simple). We have also written up a consolidated knitting pattern that includes the seemingly missing bulky weight yarns (3.5sts/in yarns) on our blog.


We are accepting donations to contribute to more hats being made. If you’d like to donate,click here. If there are extra funds after January 20, we will donate the remaining to Mary’s Place.

If you would like to knit Pussyhats to return to The Weaving Works for distribution, but don’t have the funds to make as many as you’d like, read ourblog post and get in touch!


Not sure exactly what your favorite fiber enthusiast is looking for? A gift certificate to the Weaving Works is the perfect solution!