Awareness Events

(Revised April 11, 2017)










October 29 @ 9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Do you know a young person who is concerned about climate change?

Please spread the word about the upcoming Plant for the Planet Academy on October 29th. At this free day-long workshop, 50 students (ages 8-14) will learn how they can take action to protect and heal our environment, as part of Plant For The Planet – an international group of 51,000+ young people worldwide who are planting trees and leading communities to solve the climate crisis now. At the Academy, students will learn how to present information to others about the science of climate change and ways to take positive action – both as individuals and as communities. Students will use hands-on activities to teach one another about climate science, how to plant a tree, how to give a climate presentation, and they will make plans with other ambassadors to engage our community on climate solutions. The upcoming Plant for the Planet Academy will culminate in an educational and moving slideshow presentation for families and the public, as the world’s newest Ambassadors for Climate Justice share what they have learned from each other and make their commitments to plant and speak for the trees, and for our environment! To learn more, watch “Now We Children Save the World” on youtube.

WEST SEATTLE Plant-for-the-Planet Academy
Saturday October 29th 2016
9:00am – 5:30pm


Westside Unitarian Church
7141 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136
FREE to all students ages 8– 14 includes lunch, t-shirt and the book “Tree By Tree”


Delridge Days Celebration, Sat. August 13th

The West Seattle Democratic Women were among the sponsors of the Delridge Day Celebration, which focused on the diversity of this West Seattle Community with music, games and booths all displaying the many community and public service groups that live and/or work within it.   WSDW’s focus on global warming took the form an awareness exercise of asking participants to write a Haiku poem/s about global warming and climate change.  A fun time was had by all including, as you can see by the photo, our Mayor.  (These poems, including Mayor Murray’s, will be forwarded to Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.)

Some examples are:

For a better earth

We join our hands and our minds

To clean up our act!

Angie – 98116


Tide will be rising

High ground will become low ground

Earth will become next hell!

Jim – 98136


Trees do make fresh air

Only fire makes the air bad

And pollution too!


Oil, coal, gasoline

Fire storm, parched drought, rising tide

Get used to the change!

Betsy – 98106


We live in Delridge

Keep us from floating away

Stop global warming!


We love Puget Sound

Love Delridge community

So share it with us!


As the West Seattle blog indicated, the West Seattle Democratic Women also had an opportunity to speak before the crowd about their new focus “Climate Change”.  Davin Stedman, the Celebration’s emcee for the day, when he asked our Committee Chair Rachel Glass for recommendations as to where to go to get accurate information online, suggested Got Green’s and and also directed everyone to look at our “Additional Information Sources” subpage under “Climate Change” on this website.  Additional links and information will be added to this page as time goes on.

WSDW’s Chair Ann Martin wanted to share that the 90 degree heat that day (even though only weather) emphasized the underlying purpose of WSDW’s new focus.