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(Revised April 14, 2018)

WELCOME to the West Seattle Democratic Women’s website

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - APRIL 28th - See our Chair's letter below regarding the April 28th membership meeting.  Extra, extra special!(34th's District Senator Majority Leader, Sharon Nelson, and Representative Joe Fitzgibbon to speak.)

Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends!

Please join us for a very special program at our April meeting! It’s a real honor to host the 34th’s own Senator (and Senate Majority Leader) Sharon Nelson as well as Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, who will be sharing their State of the State overview and end-of-session wrap up, and, of course, giving us a choice behind-the-scenes perspective of the goings-on down in Olympia! Sharon has just announced she will be retiring at the end of her term, so this will be a unique opportunity to meet her and ask questions, share concerns, and of course thank her for her service!

Pre-Meeting Discussion Group with Theresa Begins at 10:30am (“Importance of Civic Education”)
Registration Begins at 11:15am
Program Begins at 11:45am
Meeting Adjourns at 1:15pm

The meeting is on Thursday, April 26th

West Seattle YMCA in The Rotary Room
3622 SW Snoqualmie St
WA 98126

The YMCA does not provide food, so you are welcome to bring your own lunch, which can be eaten in The Rotary Room during the program. WSDW will provide dessert, coffee and tea.

The Room & Program charge:
FREE for WSDW Members (this is a new benefit)
$5.00 for Non-Members
Membership renewals for 2018 are due now, so please bring cash or a check to renew your WSDW membership for 2018, or become a new member! There are three options:

“Yes We Can” Level — $15.00
“Nevertheless She Persisted” Level — $50.00
“When They Go Low, We Go High” Level — $100.00
Please RSVP directly to werdachel@aol.com as soon as possible, so that we know how many attendees we are expecting.

See you on the 26th!


Rachel Glass
WSDW, Chair


On Earth Day 2018, West Seattle Democratic Women is helping sponsor a special event:

What better day than EARTH DAY 2018 to contemplate the beauty of our earth and think about ways to protect it!

This special concert combines the emotional power of multiple mediums – live music, spoken words, images and poetry – to celebrate the beauty and majesty of Alaska; lament the rapid impacts of global warming in Alaska and all of the Arctic (our canary in the coal mine); and uplift spirits with reasons for hope and calls to action.

Featuring a five-piece chamber jazz ensemble — Nelda Swiggett (piano/compositions), Julian Smedley (violin), Clif Swiggett (trombone), Chris Symer (bass), and Adam Kessler (drums) — and poet Jill McGrath. For more information, visit www.neldaswiggett.com/alaska-suite.

The Alaska Suite: a story of beauty, loss and hope
Sunday, April 22
2 – 3:30 PM
7141 California Ave SW
Free Admission



Information about April 26’s membership meeting will be forthcoming soon!!

From WSDW's Chair Rachel Glass - EVENING MEETING - March 22nd Membership Meeting

Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women!

We hope you can join us for our monthly meeting and program on Thursday March 22nd!  This month our special guest is Melissa Taylor and members of her executive staff from Emerge Washington, whose mission is to increase the number of Democratic women leaders from diverse backgrounds in public office through recruitment, training, and providing a powerful network.


Registration/Social Time begins at 6:00pm

The business portion of the meeting begins at 6:30pm

The program with Ms. Taylor begins at 7:00pm

Program Ends at 8:30pm

Good of the Order at 8:30pm

Meeting adjourns at 8:45pm


A reminder that the venue for our meetings is now at the

West Seattle YMCA in The Rotary Room

3622 SW Snoqualmie St 

Seattle, WA 98126 


Also a reminder, the YMCA does not provide food, so you are welcome to bring your own dinner, which can be eaten in The Rotary Room during the program. WSDW will provide dessert, coffee and tea.

The Room & Program charge:

FREE for WSDW Members (this is a new benefit)

$5.00 for Non-Members 


Membership renewals for 2018 are due now, so please bring cash or a check to renew your WSDW membership for 2018, or become a new member!  There are three options:

“Yes We Can” Level — $15.00

“Nevertheless She Persisted” Level — $50.00

 “When They Go Low, We Go High” Level — $100.00

Please RSVP to emailwerdrachel@aol.com or 206.604.4642 to we’ll know how attendees to expect.








OPI — On Saturday February 3rd “Hate Free Delridge” and “Meaningful Movies” will be co-hosting the presentation of the film titled “HARVEST OF EMPIRE” This 90-minute movie could not be timelier as it examines the events and conditions that have led millions of Latino families to leave their homelands in an unprecedented wave of migration over the last six decades”.

The doors open at 6:30 pm for refreshments/social.  7:00 movie begins with facilitated discussion to follow.  Location:  High Point Neighborhood House, 6400 Sylvan Way SW.  There is no fee but donations are accepted gladly.  For more info see showing https://www.facebook.com/hatefreedelridge/?hc_ref=ARSue06SkBkBMl0morJ4tJOmj2tBVVKiePcsEDInUK_3083f_wlRsS0vuRDP6b-qjhU&fref=nf.


OPI — WSDW Vice Chair Peggy Abby shared the 34th Representative Joe Fitzgibbon shared on Facebook January 7th.  He presents a synposis of what he expects for the 2018 legislature.  See https://www.facebook.com/joe.fitzgibbon?hc_ref=ARTfZ-uSEULpZ9YCpK4pTSgx518IJHDsA-M8vzZ5iZ5h0Yg-Tc_mQ5qStaDDk65lZIo&fref=nf.  Thank you Joe!

WSDW also wants to encourage everyone to remember to support our legislators when you’re in agreement with their actions as well as call them to task, should they fall short.

See you there!


OPI — “FIX DEMOCRACY FIRST!, along with WSDW and others (see below) will be co-hosting a Civics Skill-Share Training & Networking Cafe” workshop on January 27th from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm at the Westside Unitarian Church, 7141 California Av SW, Seattle, WA.  (The church is located at the base of Gatewood hill just south of the California & Fauntleroy intersection.  The title for the workshop is “Fixing Democracy”.  The times and sessions are listed below.  Go to www.brownpapertickets.com to obtain your ticket; the cost is FREE!

PROGRAM GOALS – As knowledge is power… Learn:

  • How ‘We the People’ became marginalized by our government,
  • How artificial persons gained power OVER the People,
  • How we can use our rights to defend what we love,
  • Tools to engage for system change,
  • How we can overrule the court.



  • Finding your passion…Get fired up with values – and rights-based thinking,
  • Finding your team…Get connected with our Networking Cafe,
  • Finding your power…Get to the root with solutions for system change.



8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
9:00 Register, coffee, snacks, meet-and- greet
9:30 Intros & overview
9:45 Moving ideas into action
Understanding wealth & rights
10:45 BREAK
11:00 Understanding the Balance of Power
12:30 LUNCH BYOL – Bring Your Own Lunch!
1:00 Who Rules? The Democracy Crisis
2:00 BREAK
2:15 Our Future is a Constitutional Right
Youth, Rights & Climate Justice
3:15 BREAK
3:30 Networking Cafe
4:30 CLOSE



This workshop is sponsored by:
Ultimate Civics – www.ultimatecivics.org
• Fix Democracy First – www.fixdemocracyfirst.org
• 350 Seattle – www.350seattle.org
• South Seattle Climate Action Network –www.southseattleclimate.org
• West Seattle Democratic Women – www.westseattledemocraticwomen.org



**********PREVIOUS MONTH’S POSTINGS**********


Dear Members, Supporters, and Friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women,

Please join us for our Annual December Holiday Party on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at our NEW LOCATION:

West Seattle YMCA

3622 SW Snoqualmie St.

Seattle, WA;  98126

Phone:  206-935-6000


MEALS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT THE EVENT.  Food is not provided at the Y, but you can purchase your lunch and bring it to eat during the party.  Nearby food merchants include:   Trader Joe’s, Chaco Canyon, Safeway, QFC, Taco Time, Pecos Barbecue.  The WSDW will still provide coffee/tea/dessert.


  • $5.00 for members 
  • $7.50 for non-members.  “Membership status” is effective date of payment so why not consider becoming a member?

MEMBERSHIP DUES FOR 2018 are due by the end of this month, so please bring cash or a check to renew your WSDW membership for 2018, or become a new member!  There are three rate options:

  • “Yes We Can” Level — $15.00
  •  “Nevertheless She Persisted” Level — $50.00
  • “Fight For Our Values and Never Give Up” Level — $100.00

ANNUAL WHITE CENTER FOOD BANK GIFT BAGS–As is the tradition for our December Meeting, we are putting together gift bags for the White Center Food Bank.  We’d be thrilled if you have any unopened sample- and/or hotel/travel-size items in your home that you would bring in to help fill the gift bags!  Hygiene self-care, dental, spa, perfume, cosmetic items, are perfect to fill the bags!  Thank you so much for helping us to spread the cheer this holiday season!

WHITE DONKEY GIFT EXCHANGE.  Also, those wishing to participate in our White Donkey Gift Exchange, can bring a wrapped gift of something you wish to re-gift, share some laughs and maybe, if you are lucky, go home with something you actually want!  You must bring a wrapped gift if you want to participate in the gift exchange!  The White Donkey will happen after we finish creating our gift bags for the Food Bank. 

EVERYONE WELCOMED TO ATTEND  Anyone is welcome to attend this festive Holiday-Gathering-to-Do-Good party, so bring a friend or two, and help spread the word about the good work that WSDW is doing!  

REGISTRATION BEGINS AT 11:15am–Hope to see you there!  

Please RSVP directly to werdachel@aol.com as soon as possible, so we can confirm that you are coming!

Thank you so much for your support of WSDW, and for staying involved to help strengthen our community!



WSDW, Chair






Our new venue is at the WEST SEATTLE YMCA (just across the 35th Avenue from our former location.)  The “Y” is located at 3622 SW Snoqualmie St., Seattle (206.935.6000).  We will be meeting in the Rotary Room located to the left just inside its southern entrance.

The first meeting at the “Y” is our CHRISTMAS PARTY on DECEMBER 21st.  All future meetings will be there as well.



Unfortunately, due a policy change by our former venue requiring a guaranteed minimum requirement as well as an increase in the cost of the meals provided, our Executive Board felt it was no longer advantageous for our membership/organization to continue meeting at the Golf Course.  Rachel had a very nice conversation with them resulting in a mutually amicable agreement to end our long and fruitful relationship.  We are most grateful to the West Seattle Golf Course for their help and support these many years!

Rachel followed up with a discussion with the West Seattle YMCA’s Executive Director, Shalimar Gonzales and later presented to the WSDW board what the Y could provide.  A decision was made to move.



  • No charge to meet in the room.
  • As their location is so close to where we have been, little or no transportation changes will result.
  • Wi-Fi capabilities exist enabling full multi-media presentations by guest speakers at the monthly meetings.
  • Up-to-date A/V system exists allowing film viewings for meetings or other WSDW events.
  • Very improved Heating & Cooling system eliminates excess noise allowing presenters to be heard.
  • Window blinds block light from the outside to allow for night and/or summer film viewing.
  • 150 seat capacity.
  • A kitchen.
  • Coffee at no cost. (The tea and dessert will remain a part of the $5 program fee.



Unfortunately, the Y has NO FOOD SERVICE so each of us will have to provide our own meal whether it’s homemade or purchased.    A list of some of the food sources located near the Y for consideration are as follows:  Trader Joe’s, Chaco Canyon, Safeway, QFC, Taco Time, KFC, and Pecos Barbecue, etc.



Unfortunately, due to less available storage space, our library will be reduced; however, some of the books will be sold at the upcoming meeting.



“I am sure that issues will arise as we make this transition, and if you have questions or concerns, I am happy to hear from you and together, we will work to find reasonable solutions that will be amenable to all!

Hope you had a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving, and thanks for continuing to stay involved in our Democracy–you really do make a difference!”   





Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, our Membership Meeting is traditionally held one week earlier than usual so please note the atypical date for this month.

Our guest speaker, Bob Kaminski, is from 350 Seattle.  He will be talking about the fracking of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and where it is being proposed and/or drilled for right here in our own communities.  Bob will be joined with a few residents from these communities as well.

Our meeting will be held at the West Seattle Golf Course on Thursday, November 16th.  The meeting’s schedule is as follows:

10:30 am – Pre-meeting Discussion Group – Sexual Harassment, cont.

11:15 am – Registration & Postcard-writing begins

11:30 am – Lunch

11:45 am – Business Meeting

12:00 pm – Program 

  1:15 pm – Meeting Adjourns

If you want to join us, please contact Rachel werdachel@aol.com.  The full meal reservation deadline has past; however, you can still enjoy the program, dessert and coffee/tea for $5.

Hope to see you there!



Seattle Mayor:  JENNY DURKAN

Seattle City Council POS 8 (At Large):  TERESA MOSQUEDA




Following opening statements from both Carrie Moon and Jenny Durkan, WSDW Chair Rachel Glass began the forum with the following questions:


  • What will you do about problems such as bigotry and hate crimes that are on the rise?
  • What will they do to fight climate change despite the White House’s withdrawal from the Paris accords, and what else would you do about the environment?
  • Part of the homelessness problem is due to the lack of affordable housing. What specific steps will you take to work with council, developers, landlords, citizen commissions to create more options for Seattleites and ease this problem?
  • What’s an example of a big bold idea that, if elected, you will fight to implement?



  • Moon asks Durkan,”We have a problem in our city where we are creating tremendous wealth and it’s only going to a few” – what does she think is causing this and what “deep transformative changes” will Durkan make to fix it?
  • Durkan to Moon, “What do you think the hardest conversation you’d have to have with West Seattle if Moon is elected mayor?



  • One man says the Seattle chief of police has accepted another job in Ireland – is that OK?
  • Soon we’ll have a tunnel, and it’ll be tolled, and there’s talk of tolling city streets. How do we make it economic for people to get around?
  • How would you as mayor envision effective neighborhood engagement?


Please access the web link to hear the entire forum including opening and closing statements as well as each candidates answer to the above questions!

Thanks again to the Blog and particularly both Candidate Carrie Moon and Candidate Jenny Durkan for taking time from their busy campaign schedules for joining us!

Good luck to both of you!

(More info on the entire meeting will be forthcoming.)


FROM CHAIR RACHEL...WSDW's October 26th meeting w/our two Seattle mayorial 
candidates along w/a member of State Party on campaign & organizing stategies 
to elect Dems Washington State!

Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends of the 

West Seattle Democratic Women!

As our general election draws near, many of you may still be wondering who to vote for.  Well, wonder no further!   WSDW wants to help you make an informed and wise decision in some of these races.  The planned program is a double feature:  Mayoral candidates Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan are joining us for a final chance to distinguish themselves as best choice for Mayor (as well as taking questions from the audience); also Dylan Cate of the WA State Democratic Party will join us to offer a valuable skill-building workshop on campaign and organizing strategies so we can take action to get more Democrats elected in WA State.

Our meeting will be held at the West Seattle Golf Course on Thursday, October 26th.  The pre-meeting discussion group, led by Theresa McCormick, will focus on the subject of Sexual Harassment and begins at 10:30am.  Registration starts at11:15am with lunch service starting at 11:30am.  Program with guest speakers starts at 11:45 and the meeting adjourns at 1:15pm. 

Please reply directly to this email by no later than Monday morning,October 23rd, to indicate if you will be coming to the meeting. Also please indicate if you would like to purchase lunch or the program fee/dessert only. Lunch is $13.50 for members and $15.00 for non-members.  If you do not want to purchase lunch, the program fee is $5.00 and includes dessert and coffee/tea.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting, and if you know someone who hasn’t voted yet, bring them along!  And please feel free to pass this invitation on to your networks and contacts–everyone is welcome at our meetings!  We thank you, as always, for staying involved and for helping to maintain the health and integrity of our democracy!


Rachel Glass, WSDW Chair



In August West Seattle Democratic Women not only had a booth at the Delridge Day Festival but acted as one of its sponsors.

Because of our efforts (and many others, of course), VIEW (“Visualizing Increased Engagement in West Seattle”)…the organizer of both the Gathering Neighbors and Delridge Day Festival…honored its Mission by making donations to three Delridge Community organizations.

They were:

1) A $2,000 donation to The Associated Recreation Council (ARC) based at the Delridge Community Center. It will be used to support the preschool and teen programs offered at the Delridge Community Center and

2) A $250 donation to the West Seattle Communication Hub Network to help underwrite the cost of new communication equipment and

3) A $250 donation to the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association who will use these funds to help support youth and cultural programming in their community and in recognition of the untiring efforts of Staffer Nafasi Ferrell who arranged the entertainment at Delridge Day the last two years.

WSDW is proud of its strong support for this fine organization and delighted to see the above results.


Thursday, Sept 28th's Program Recap - "Mom's Demand Action"!  (Test & Photos Below)

At our September 28th membership meeting Nuria Hansen, along with several of her colleagues from “Moms Demand Action” spoke on what can be done to product us and those we love from the ravages of gun violence.

They shared that their organization, “Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, was created to demand action from state and federal legislators, companies, and educational institutions, to establish common-sense gun reforms. With chapters in all 50 states and a powerful grassroots network of moms, this nationwide organization has successfully effected change at the local, state and national level!

Contact www.momsdemandaction.org for more information.



Hello Members, Supporters and Friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women!

This month we have a very special program in store for you at our meeting.  Nuria Hansen, the West Seattle lead, along with several of her colleagues from Moms Demand Action will be giving an inspiring presentation at our September meeting on the history of how their group was born, what they have been doing since their creation, and what we can all do to help protect our children, grandchildren, and each other from the ravages of gun violence.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America was created to demand action from state and federal legislators, companies, and educational institutions, to establish common-sense gun reforms. With chapters in all 50 states and a powerful grassroots network of moms, this nationwide organization has successfully effected change at the local, state and national level!

Please plan to join us, bring your friends, family, or anyone you think might be interested in getting involved with the WSDW!  We love our members and always welcome newcomers!

Details of the meeting and program:

We meet at the West Seattle Golf Course on Thursday, September 28th. (Theresa will be out of town on that day, so there will be no 10:30 am group discussion.)

11:15 am – Registration and social time begins

11:15 am – Postcard-writing will also begin where we’ll take a few minutes and write a postcard to voters in the 45th Legislative District and help Democrats elect Manka Dhingra!  Manka, as you know, is the key to turning the State Senate to a Democratic Majority and WSDW’s going all out to help her win!

11:30 am – Lunch service begins

11:45 am – Business Meeting begins

12:00 Noon – Program by “Moms Demand Action”

1:15 pm – Meeting Adjourns

The luncheon’s cost is $13.50 for members and $15.00 for non-members; if you don’t want to order lunch, simply pay the program fee of $5.00, which includes coffee/tea and dessert.

Please RSVP by contacting me at werdachel@aol.com as soon as possible if you will be joining us and indicate whether you want to order lunch or dessert-only.  We need to confirm the attendee numbers with the WS Golf Course by Monday morning, September 25th.

Thank you for your timely response and we look forward to seeing you on the 28th for a very informative meeting!





Greetings Members, Supporters, and Friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women!

Please save the date and join us for our annual summer tradition, where we head outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather, enjoy each other’s company, and meet candidates and legislators!  This year our picnic will be held at the home of Ann and Tony Martin.  Ann and Tony have a lovely. large lawn, which they have graciously offered to share with us.  The picnic, which will take place on Thursday, August 24th from 4:00pm-8:00pm, will be a social gathering without a formal program, so you can drop by and stay for as long as you like!  We are inviting the Mayoral and City Council and Senatorial candidates, legislators from the 34th LD and other lawmakers to join us and answer your questions and concerns about any issues on your mind.

In keeping with our resolution put forth by the Climate Action Committee (AEC), and which was unanimously approved by the membership in January, WSDW is pledging to have meatless meals at all our functions.  If anyone wants to bring some form of meat, e.g., hot dogs, they can put them on Ann’s grill, but the organization will not be providing any meat. We will provide drinks. We are asking if people can bring plates and utensils along with their dish to share; Ann will have some reusable plates and utensils available, but we want to be sure we’ll have enough for everyone.   Also, we are asking members for their help in bringing folding chairs, or a blanket, if they want to sit on the ground.  Ann will have 11 chairs, but we will need many more than that to accommodate everyone in attendance!

Ann will be providing one table we can use for setting out the food and a card table, but we will need to have some more tables available. Please let me know if you have a table you can bring for the picnic, so I can let Ann know.   Ann has a circular driveway, so anyone who needs to drop off stuff can drive in, but will then need to exit and park on the street.

Here are the address and directions on how to get to Ann’s house,  3618 SW Orchard S., 98126 Phone 206-935-4693

Directions for Parking, etc.: If you’re coming from 35th Avenue SW at Myrtle St (the south end of the water towers), park on 36th Avenue SW, south of Myrtle or on Myrtle between 35th SW and 36th SW, walk short distance down dead-end Orchard St, which is access to 3618 SW Orchard. If you are taking the bus, the route 21 stops in both directions at 35th and Myrtle. Call if you have any problems.

You are more than welcome to bring spouses, friends, family, etc. Please RSVP to Ann directly, letting her know how many in your party will be coming, what dish you are bringing, and if you can bring folding chairs and/or a table. This will help in planning how many supplies and drinks to get in advance.  Ann’s email address is:  martinhtam@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you there.



West Seattle Democratic Women Shine at the Delridge Day Festival!

Once again, The West Seattle Democratic Women participated in the Delridge Day Festival on Saturday, August 12th, in part to raise our visibility in the community as well as educate the public on political issues of the day.

This year our booth offered festival goers a chance to weigh in on solutions to climate change.  Each participant was given 10 pennies (representing a total value of $10 billion) and were asked to take on the role of a government official and distribute (in any manner they wished) the funds into 12 different options. Some people put all their “billions” into one option; while others divided their $10 billion into smaller distributions across many options.  Since each person had just 10 pennies/billions but twelve choices, the task was challenging and participants got a taste of what our lawmakers face in allocating limited funds.  The so-called “Penny Game” was met with enthusiasm and thoughtful consideration, especially by the more youthful players.

Elizabeth Heath, WSDW Outreach Chair, reported the voting results:  Protect Drinking Water (149 pennies); Invest in Clean Energy (126 pennies); Plant Trees (124 pennies); Protect Native Species Habitat (85 pennies); Promote Food Security (82 pennies); Promote Public Transportation (75 pennies); Fight Ocean Acidification (71 pennies); Invest in Vulnerable Communities (71 pennies); Prevent Species Extinction (69 pennies); Reduce Energy Consumption (56 pennies); Impose Fees on Carbon Polluters (54 pennies); and Lower Carbon Emissions (52 pennies).  The results will also be forwarded to the state and national lawmakers representing West Seattle.

Our booth also featured posters describing causes and effects of climate change. The display and the Penny Game were part of a two-year West Seattle Democratic Women special project led by WSDW President, Rachel Glass, to raise awareness of climate change that has also included showing the film Chasing Ice at our recent July meeting.

Thanks to the following members who helped make our Delridge Day presence such a success:  Elizabeth Heath, Peggy Abby, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Roberta Reed, Mike Wald and Theresa McCormick.



Yesterday’s July Membership Meeting’s program was a showing of the film CHASING ICE.  The two articles containing information referred to by our Chair Rachel are:



Learning about an issue and then calling your legislators) is a most effect way to reduce GHGs (Greenhouse Gases) and, thereby, do our part to combat global warming.



URGENT ACTION REQUIRED:   If you’ve not voted yet, please consider using your Democracy vouchers.  Most (maybe all) candidates are participating in the program — here is a link to the names of the participating candidates:   http://www.seattle.gov/democracyvoucher/i-am-a-seattle-resident/eligible-candidates

Hope to see you there!!   Rachel




Greetings Members, Supporters, and Friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women!

Summer is in full swing, and our next meeting will be an evening event, so if our daytime meetings conflict with your work schedules (or even if you come to the daytime meetings), we cordially invite you to make WSDW part of your summer by attending this meeting/social gathering!  Since the specialty action work that our organization is currently focused on is Climate Change and Global Warming, this program will consist of the screening of CHASING ICE.  This screening aligns with the work that our AEC (Awareness, Education,Climate Action) Committee has been immersed in for the past year-and-a-half; CHASING ICE is a beautifully shot, multiple-award-winning (including from Seattle Int’l Film Festival), critically and popularly acclaimed film that documents how global warming is impacting the planet. Here is the official trailer and synopsis:


Environmental and award-winning photographerJames Balog heads to GreenlandIceland andAlaska in order to capture images that help to convey the effects of global warming. Balog was initially skeptical about climate change when the issue entered scientific discussion, but after his first trip north, he became convinced of the impact that humans have on the planet and becomes committed to bringing this story to the public.

We meet at the West Seattle Golf Course onThursday, July 27th.
There will not be a Pre-Meeting Discussion led by Theresa McCormick on this evening.
There will not be a Postcard-Writing Campaign on this evening.
Registration begins at 6:00pm with dinner service beginning at 6:15pm.
CHASING ICE screens at 6:30pm and runs 75 minutes.
There will be a short discussion after the film, with input from our AEC Committee members as well as from some of our legislators and representatives who would be able to offer some perspective on specific actions we can take to combat the effects of global warming.
Meeting will adjourn no later than 8:30pm.
Dinner is $15.00 for members and $20.00 for non-members; if you do not want to order dinner, the room charge (which includes dessert and coffee/tea only) is $7.50

If you are involved with an organization, social network, church, or other group with a membership, please spread the word far and wide about this event by forwarding this invitation to any and all of your networks!  We are expecting a good turnout and, additionally, I have invited quite a few of our legislators, representatives as well as those seeking office, so that we can have the opportunity to find out more about their platforms and the relevant work they are doing in support of the environment!

Please RSVP to me directly either by replying to this email or by emailing me atwerdachel@aol.com.  Be sure to indicate if you want to order dinner or just have dessert & coffee/tea.  Since we have to arrange the number of food orders with the Golf Course in advance, I must have your RSVP no later than end-of-day, Monday, July 24th to guarantee your meal reservation.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and we look forward to having you join us at the West Seattle Golf Course on July 27th!


Rachel Glass
WSDW, Chair




Yesterday, June 22nd, WSDW held its Seattle Mayoral Candidate Forum.  All candidates were invited and WSDW was delighted to have in alphabetical order Jenny Durkan, Jessyn Farrell, Bob Hasegawa, Mike McGinn, Cary Moon and Jason Roberts attend!

If you weren’t able to make yesterday’s meeting, haven’t yet decided who you’re going to vote for or simply want to hear it again it’s here for you compliments of the West Seattle Blog.  To see their entire piece to to:


A special “Thank You” to the West Seattle Blog for videoing the entire forum.

More photos and information will be forthcoming shortly.





I have encouraged all the attending candidates to come as early as 11:15 am so that they can meet you.  This is an excellent opportunity to have some one-on-one time with the Mayoral candidates to ask questions you want to ask and/or chat with them about your concerns. 

Please consider coming as close to 11:15 am as possible to take advantage of this extra time to have the ear of the candidates!  Your voice matters a lot, because the candidates want to meet you and hear from you, and they really want your vote (i.e. you have a lot of power)! 

So take advantage of this opportunity to influence this election!   



Speaker/s: Various 2017 Seattle Mayoral Candidates, Specifics Forthcoming 

On behalf of the West Seattle Democratic Women, I would like to cordially invite you to the WSDW June General Membership meeting! Wondering about all the folks running for Mayor in this next election? We are hosting a Mayoral Candidate Forum, where our members and members of our community can meet several of the candidates running for Mayor, find out what each of their platforms is and ask questions on issues that are pertinent to our city and to Seattleites!

The Forum will take place at the West Seattle Golf Course on June 22nd at 11:45am (registration starts at 11:15am) with lunch provided ($13.50 for members; $15.00 for non-members) The length of the event will be about 90 minutes.  A discussion group led by Theresa McCormick, which takes place before the meeting begins at 10:30am.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to me directly, werdachel@aol.com, to reserve your spot for this informative and in-depth opportunity to learn about who may be the next leader of our city!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Rachel Glass
WSDW, Chair



ADD ON:  Suggested videos by our May speaker to view prior to the meeting.

Speaker Fran Partridge

Here are a few videos I would highly suggest attendees watch also:

Tim Wise on White Privilege: (9 minutes)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3Xe1kX7Wsc

Peggy McIntosh’s TED talk on “How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion”   (14 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-BY9UEewHw

Mirrors of Privilege: (2 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuXWJDyGct4&list=PLteiUBviycNN9fDGMiJUQoPvE91pVFHUy&index=3

Glennon Doyle Melton‘s message to white feminists is vital in the fight against misogyny(2 minutes)  http://bit.ly/2op3DBC

See you on the 25th at the West Seattle Golf Course, 4600 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126. 

Fran Partridge

Racial Equity Consultant



Chair Rachel Glass
Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends of the West Seattle Democratic Women!

We have an exciting meeting planned for the membership this month!   With the current administration’s continual hate speech and punishing executive orders against minorities, which is leading to an alarming spike in hate crimes across the country, it seems relevant at this time to explore what is going on in our culture, why it is happening and what each of us can do to understand the ongoing difficulties of equity and race relations in our communities.

We are so lucky to have as our special guest, Racial Equity Specialist Fran Partridge, whose work focuses on creating sustainable pathways to racial equity. Ms. Partridge has 20 years of experience facilitating and designing professional development, culturally responsive instruction, and strategic planning all in the field of racial equity work.
Please save the date and join us for this informative, thoughtful, and vitally relevant luncheon meeting!  As always, we meet at The West Seattle Golf Course.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

  • 10:30 am – Pre-Meeting Discussion Group with Theresa McCormick – Topic – “Connections Between Racism, White Privilege, and Fascism — Part III”
  • 11:15 am -Registration, social time, postcard writing to legislators begins
  • 11:30 am – Lunch is served,
  • 11:45 am – Business Meeting
  • 12:00 pm – Racial Equity Specialist Fran Partridge’s Presentation

Cost:  Lunch is $13.50 for WSDW members and $15.00 for non-members.  There is a room charge of $5.00 if you don’t want to buy lunch, which includes dessert and coffee/tea.

Please RSVP directly to me at werdachel@aol.com and let me know if you will be attending and want to order lunch or dessert only.

We look forward to seeing you on the 25th!


Rachel Glass
WSDW, Chair





Chair - Rachel Glass

West Seattle Democratic Women is co-sponsoring the Pathways & Networks for Justice Workshop on Supporting Local Immigrants & Refugees and its chair is one of the lead organizers.  See much more detail in the From Our Chair Page – Rachel’s email May 12, 2017


LETTER FM CHAIR – March 23rd Meeting

 - Rachel Glass

Hello Members, Supporters and Friends of the 
West Seattle Democratic Women!

This month we are hosting a very special evening program that you won’t want to miss!

On Thursday, March 23rd, retired Seattle City Council member (for 18 years) and published author Nick Licata will be our honored guest speaker, talking about his recent book, 
Becoming A Citizen Activist

The Nation Magazine’s “Progressive Honor Roll of 2012” chose Licata as its “Most Valuable Local Official” in the United States, and we are lucky to have him with us to share the wealth of knowledge he brings from his decades of public service and activism. We expect that you will leave with some actionable steps that you can take to stay involved and make a difference in your neighborhood or local community!

Registration begins at 6:00 pm with dinner starting at 6:15pm. The program will begin at approximately 6:45 and wrap up by about 8:30 pm. Dinner is $15 for WSDW members, $20 for guests, and includes beverage, buffet and dessert. A charge of $7.50 includes beverage and dessert only, for those who do not wish to purchase dinner.
We will have copies of Nick’s book available for purchase on the night of the event, which I’m sure he would be happy to sign for you!

Please RSVP by 8 pm on Monday, March 20, and with your response, kindly indicate whether you will be purchasing dinner or just dessert and beverage. This is a firm deadline because of the evening event. We are expecting a higher than usual attendance for this exciting program and we need to know how many tables to set, so to assure a seat for yourself, please RSVP as soon as possible by responding directly to this email.

Also you are welcome to pass this information on to any of your friends, colleagues, or groups you are affiliated with and encourage them to attendas well–solidarity comes from strength in numbers.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Rachel Glass, Chair



Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends of WSDW!

Spring is almost here! As the snow thaws and things start to warm up a little, here’s something that will put a spring in our step! Having you join us for our February meeting and luncheon!  This month we have a very motivating program planned for you!
WHAT:  Our guest speaker, NANCY AMIDEI will be giving a Civic Action Training about ways to effectively engage and lobby our legislators – both in person and remotely. Nancy has been called a “relentless advocate for changing public policy to better serve the most vulnerable populations.” Nancy is a senior lecturer in the School of Social Work at the University of Washington and project director of the Civic Engagement Project and is a recipient of UW’s Outstanding Public Service Award. 

*Don’t forget that we also have our monthly Discussion Group, led by Theresa McCormick, which takes place before the meeting at 10:30 am.  This month’s topic: Connections Between Racism, White Privilege, and Fascism.*

WHENThursday, February 23Registration begins at 11:15 am; lunch service starts at 11:30am–we are starting a bit earlier than usual in the new year to allow more time for social time and Q&A after the program.  Please let me know if you would like to order a lunch or just want to order dessert and coffee/tea by RSVP-ing to me directly).  Lunch is $13.50 for members and $15.00 for non-members.  Dessert and coffee/tea is $5.00.

:  The West Seattle Golf Course.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking program to help activate you in our fight for our democracy! We look forward to seeing you!


Rachel Glass
WSDW, Chair




“With a New Year and a new administration, what actions can we take going forward to make sure our priorities remain at the forefront of Presidential policy?”



Chair - Rachel Glass

Hello Members, Supporters, and Friends of WSDW!

Please join us for our January meeting and luncheon!  We have a very exciting program planned for you!

WHAT:  Michael Foster, founder of Plant for the Planet USA, and environmental activist will be speaking about the landmark lawsuit case that a group of youth Climate Ambassadors in association with Our Children’s Trust and Plant for the Planet have brought against the Dept. of Ecology.   They have achieved two victories, with the judges ruling in their favor to move ahead.  Mr. Foster will preface the information about the case with some back story about how the kids came to bring this lawsuit and the precedents that this momentous lawsuit brings for the fight against global warming and for the future.

WHENThursday, January 26  (lunch service starts between 11:30a and 11:45a–we are starting a bit earlier than usual in the new year to allow more time for social time and Q&A after the program.  Please let me know if you would like to order a lunch or just want to order dessert and coffee/tea by RSVP-ing to me directly).  Lunch is $13.50 for members and $15.00 for non-members.  Dessert and coffee/tea is $5.00.

WHERE:  The West Seattle Golf Course

Don’t miss this thought-provoking program! We look forward to seeing you!


Rachel Glass
WSDW, Chair




(Lynne, Peggy, Rachel & Flora Belle)


            (Lynne, Peggy, Rachel & Flora Belle)


                     (Peggy, Elizabeth)                                  

                         BILL OF RIGHTS DAY

December 15th was Bill of Rights Day!!  Members of the West Seattle Democratic Women distributed 200 copies of the Bill of Rights, bumper stickers and buttons provided by the American Civil Liberties Union at both the White Center Food Bank and Samway Market in White Center.  Cupcake Royale in the West Seattle Junction distributed similar materials as well.

Rachel Glass, WSDW’s Vice Chair said “Given the concerns, confusion and fear expressed by many Americans as a result of the change in political climate, WSDW thought it especially important that people be aware of their rights”.

Other participating members of West Seattle Democratic Woman braving the freezing weather in support of this cause were Lynne Ingalls, Flora Belle Key, Theresa McCormick, Mike Wald as well as Peggy Abby, WSDW member and the local artist who crafted the signs used, Vice Chair Rachel and project coordinator Elizabeth Heath.  Well done everyone.  You did WSDW proud!









Hello West Seattle Democratic Women and Friends!

You are cordially invited to our monthly membership luncheon meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, October 27th.

Our special guest will be Sue Lenander, Program Coordinator of Climate Change for Families, which is working in concert with the world-renowned Plant-for-the-Planet.  Sue will be talking about this amazing organization, founded in Germany and run by children in countries all over the world (51,000 children ages nine to fourteen), and whose mission is to plant one million trees in every country, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and combat climate change with climate justice.  The US chapter of Plant-for-the-Planet is right here in Seattle, and the young climate ambassadors have achieved some stunning victoriesto protect our planet! You won’t want to miss this inspiring meeting!

  • The luncheon meeting is at the West Seattle Golf Course.
    The pre-program discussion group starts at 10:30 am led by Theresa McCormick. Registration starts at 11:15 with the lunch buffet at 11:30. Our program starts at about noon.  Lunch, including beverage and dessert is $13.50 for members and $15.00 for non-members. A room charge of $5 includes beverage and dessert only. Please RSVP to Rachel Glass at werdachel@aol.com by Monday, October 24  if you plan to attend.
  • It is important that you RSVP no later than Monday, October 24either directly to this email or by calling me at 206-763-8249, as we need to let the Golf Course know how many meals to prepare.
  • We will be nominating people for the WSDW leadership and elections held in November, which goes into effect at the beginning of 2017.   We also need YOU to help with outreach, with membership and especially with registration as our superb greeter and registration guru, Sonia Glenn, is retiring. And if you are interested in working on our climate action committee (AEC), please let us know. If you have another passion you think we should be addressing, let us know that too.
  • There will be a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy event for kids, 9-14 in West Seattle on October 29th from 9:00am-5:30pm, at Westside Unitarian Church, 7141 California Ave SW, Seattle, 98136.  Kids will participate in a free, day-long comprehensive workshop and training on getting excited about the wonders of nature and learning about how to combat climate change.  WSDW is a co-sponsor for this event and we need some adult volunteers to help the day go smoothly.  If you would like to volunteer, have grandkids, or know of a child that might like to participate in the Academy and become a Climate Ambassador, please contact Rachel at werdachel@aol.com or (206) 763-8249.  Here is a link to watch a short, inspiring video about the boy in Germany who started Plant-for-the-Planet:

:  Only 19 days to go before one of the most important elections of our time takes place! Don’t miss your chance to make a difference!  There are plenty of opportunities to propel issues that we’ve endorsed and help democratic candidates to victory, whether you want to make phone calls, knock on doors, make contributions or spread the word to your friends, family and associates.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by replying to this email address or by phone at 206-763-8249.

See you at the meeting!
Rachel Glass, Vice-Chair

West Seattle Democratic Women