Welcome & Introduction


(Revised May 25, 2015)

WELCOME to the West Seattle Democratic Women’s website……..


URGENT ACTION REQUIRED!!!  WSDW encourages all its members, their friends, and any interested parties to join them in saying NO TO SHELL or ANY OTHER CORPORATION using Seattle as a staging ground for Arctic oil drilling.  (More action opportunities to come!)



The regular meeting of the West Seattle Democratic Women will be on May 28 for luncheon at the West Seattle Golf Course. We will hear from the Seattle Honest Elections campaign (I-122)…..  (More information at http://honestelectionsseattle.org/what-is-initiative-122/, (See, statewide campaign to Get Big Money Out Of Elections (I-735) and the statewide campaign to institute a Carbon Tax and other measures to pay for carbon pollution (I-732).

We also will introduce our letter writing campaign, an effort we will have at regular meetings. Letters will be on hot topics of the “day” such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, the trade deal currently in active debate within and without the Democratic Party. We’ll bring talking points and paper; you bring your ideas and write letters to congress persons, legislators, the president and others depending on the topic.



APRIL’S STYLING FROM THE KOOK BROTHERS w/help from WSDW MEMBERS. See photos and words to some deeedlightful political parodies. (See Meetings Page)



SEE CHAIR ANN’S LETTER WITH UPDATE TO NEXT WEEK’S MEETING March 26th with the four women running for City Council Position 1. They’ll be asked “their decision to run, what, if any, are special challenges facing women who run for office, and other probings not tracked in other venues”. (See “Messages & Reports” Page)

SEE REPORT ON our February 26th meeting with Heidi Bennett whose presentation explains who, what and why of the McCleary Decision, the basic Education Bills and what’s up with education and funding in WA State.  More information on Heidi, view her Powerpoint and link to her referrenced Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-Seattle)’s YouTube discussion on WA State’s regressive tax system……(See “Meetings” Page)

NOTE WSUU’s illustrated talk on “The Lessons of Eleanor Roosevelt”…..(See “Member Sharings” Page)

SEE CHAIR ANN’S MARCH LETTER TO THE MEMBERSHIP highlighting Women’s History Month and Women’s Issues   (See “Messages & Reports” Page)


NOTE UPDATED “Anti HT Legal/Legislative Effective” Page —  Some say that workers in these third world countries don’t know any better.  See what these young Norwegians learned.



Announcing DRINKING LIBERALLY WEST SEATTLE, a progressive social club began Tuesday, January 28th.  It gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don’t need to be a policy expert and this isn’t a book club – just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it’s not taboo to talk politics.  It meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm Pizzeria 22, College & California-Admiral District.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR – (Go to Page indicated for more details)

  • February 26th – WSDW Membership Mtg – Discussion Group Subject:  “How Can We Get More People, Especially Young People, Involved In Politics?” – Meeting Program: The History and Ramifications of the McCleary (Public Educational Funding and Reform) Decision!March 12th – WSDW Board Mtg – 
  • March 26th – WSDW Membership Meeting – Discussion Group Subject: “Impact of District vs. City-wide Government”  Meeting Program:  “Running for Office — A Woman’s Perspective!”
  • April 9th – WSDW Board Mtg –
  • April 23rd – WSDW Membership EVENING Meeting – No Discussion Group – A particularly FUN Meeting Program:  “Political Parody with the stylings of the “Kook Brothers” will lead and end an evening of political skewering.”  Everyone is encouraged to participate!      See Meetings for more detail
  • November tbd, 2015 — 2015 Int’l Anti Human Trafficking Conference, UW Women’s Center Taskforce, U of Washington


Special CONGRATULATIONS to some of our WSDW members who were either elected or appointed to terms in other Democratic organizations……

KCDCC:  Ann Martin, State Committeewoman


Marcee Stone-Vekich, Chair,

Karen Chilcutt, Treasurer,

Lisa Plymate, State Committeewoman

Martha Koester, King County Committeewoman

Tamsen Spengler, LAC Chair


Some “quickies” from November’s Membership Meeting:

  • WSDW elects its 2015 officers:
    • Chair:  Ann Martin
    • Vice Chair: Rachel Glass
    • Secretary:  Roberta Reed
    • Treasurer:  Mary Fisher
    • Parliamentarian:  Elizabeth Heath