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WELCOME to the West Seattle Democratic Women’s website……..

Take a moment and look at this video.


It was on Facebook last week and we couldn’t resist sharing it.  Be sure to see it to the very end or you’ll miss the point.  Then, go to the Sharings page and read a short reflection of an actual visit to the same area in Amsterdam.  


MARK YOUR CALENDAR – (Go to Page indicated for more details)

NOTE:  Change in Date Dec WSDW Mbrshp Mtg due to Holidays.

  • December 6th – 5th Annual Local Artist Holiday Gift Show (Sharings)
  • December 10th – Seattle Public Bank Forum (Meeting of Potential Interest)December 18th – WSDW Holiday Party Luncheon, Annual Toiletry Gift Compilation, White Elephant Exchange, & Social Event.  (Meeting)
  • January 11th – Anti Human Trafficking Program, Peace Lutheran Church (HT Awareness…)
  • January 22nd – WSDW Membership Mtg – Anti Human Trafficking Program (Meeting also HT Awareness…)
  • February 26th – WSDW Membership Mtg – Discussion Group Subject:  “How Can We Get More People Involved In Politics?”


TAKE A LOOK AT Theresa’s recently published her memoir, A Far Cry From Here–Growing Up and Out of Fundamentalism.  (Sharings)  


Some “quickies” from November’s Membership Meeting (Meetings):

  • WSDW elects its 2015 officers:
    • Chair:  Ann Martin
    • Vice Chair: Rachel Glass
    • Secretary:  Roberta Reed
    • Treasurer:  Mary Fisher
    • Parliamentarian:  Elizabeth Heath
  • Librarian needs input as to what books to add to our library.
  • January’s Meeting will be an evening one.


Message from our Chair – September, 2014

It’s Labor Day, can fall elections be far behind? It is hard to get excited about off year elections, but they are important and your vote is important too! It is important to search out information on the candidates and issues you will be asked to support (or oppose) during the next couple of months.

How do we decrease the influence of big money on our politics? Well, we could amend the US Constitution to limit the role of money in politics and government. Short of that, the most influential action you can take is be an informed voter and vote!

Going a step further (and I mean that literally), get out for your candidate or issue and doorbell. There is nothing – not money, TV advertising, print media – as effective as you talking neighbor to neighbor about what you believe is best for your community. Or, volunteer in other ways – phone banking, mailings, etc. All are important!

One way to inform yourself and become active in the local political dialog is to participate in the West Seattle Democratic Women. We have informative speakers on topics that need to be covered in depth, not in sound bites. And we talk among ourselves, sharing perspectives that come from years of diverse experiences. Your experiences are unique and we would love to hear how they shape your view of our community and the world.

Don’t worry about not wearing white after Labor Day. We are not out to change your style, but to change the world for the better!

Ann Martin, Chair

West Seattle Democratic Women




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