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WELCOME to the West Seattle Democratic Women’s REVISED website.  It is still in a renovation phase but nevertheless for you…….

Sad News!! SUSAN ARNOLD, WSDW’s former treasurer, passed away Sunday, June 1st. Her husband sent out the following message.

Susan passed on this beautiful Sunday at 12:05p, in her living room, surrounded by her family. True to her character, Susan asked me that there be no funeral or memorial service, and that instead of flowers and such, donations might be made in her remembrance to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, or possibly the Bellevue animal shelter where we found our dog Balloo. Please share her wishes with anyone else you think should be on this mailing list.


Some “quickies” from May’s Membership Meeting:

Requires Action

  • Lynne Ingalls & Mike Wald will be having a cocktail party fundraiser on June 28th to benefit the White Center Food Bank.  Tickets are $50.  Email Lynne at btrees@comcast.net for more information.
  • WSDW will be a “Table Captain” at the 34th LD Democrats Annual Garden Party/Auction on Friday, August 15th.  If you wish to sit at our table, please contact Karen at kachilcutt37@gmail.com or (206) 935-3216 for more information.


Program Synopsis

Guest speaker and candidate for relection, Municipal Court Judge Position No. 2 Kimi Kondo, gave us a real understanding of how the Municipal Court works and her function as the Preciding Judge overseeing a $27.8 million budget, and her particular interest and work in the Mental Health Therapeutic Court for the last year and a half.  She also talked briefly of the limitations of the King County Bar Association’s ratings.  She was very well received and left with a big hint that WSDW will be endorsing her in the future.

Discussion Group talked about the differences in how Men and Women communicate.  A followup from the discussion….perhaps the reason “Why” the difference!.  See this “Men’s and Women’s Brains explained Perfectly” on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=701896476543491

Upcoming Meeting Notice

June 26th’s meeting will be a viewing of Robert Reich’s film “Inequality for All” with a discussion following.  Note it is an evening meeting with more information available closer to the date.


Want Even More Information?

Go to the King County Bar Associations 2014 report for more information on how the ratings are compiled.  See  http://www.kcba.org/judicial/surveys/2014/2014_kcba_judicial_officer_survey_report.pdf

See the Seattle Times Op-ed: Fix the King County Bar Association’s Candidate Ratings article at seattletimes.com/html/opinion/2019770521_hongtranopedxml.html.


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  1. How great to see myself with our great congressmember. After watching all the hullaballoo about the all male profit making football team being honored by our president it is wonderful to know that women are rising in politics and making a difference in a world sometimes gone mad.

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