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WELCOME to the West Seattle Democratic Women’s website……..

MARK YOUR CALENDAR – (Go to Page indicated for more details)

  • October 13th Anti-Human Trafficking Program-WS Senior Ctr-12:00-12:30pm (HT Awareness…)
  • October 22nd Eve Mbrshp Mtg – Panel on Transportation (MeetingPls make special note of atypical R.S.V.P. tele nbr as Vice Chair Rachel will be hosting event! 
  • November 9th – Anti Human Trafficking Program – WSUU – 12:45 – 2:00pm (HT Awareness…)
  • November 20th – WSDW Membership Mtg – Election of Officers, Election Recap, Discussion – potential programs for 2015  (Meeting)
  • January 11th – Anti Human Trafficking Program, Peace Lutheran Church (HT Awareness…)
  • January 22nd – WSDW Membership Mtg – Anti Human Trafficking Program (Meeting/(HT Awareness…)


TAKE A LOOK AT Theresa’s recently published her memoir, A Far Cry From Here–Growing Up and Out of Fundamentalism.  (Sharings) 




Some “quickies” from September’s Membership Meeting:

  • Next Discussion Group’s Topic (November’s Lunch Meeting) is “The Democrat’s Platform and What Should It Be!”




About Us & Things of the Moment — 5 Comments

  1. How great to see myself with our great congressmember. After watching all the hullaballoo about the all male profit making football team being honored by our president it is wonderful to know that women are rising in politics and making a difference in a world sometimes gone mad.

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