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(Revised September 20, 2016)

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As the weather cools in Seattle, the election season is heating up! This email includes several items that will help plug you into political action locally and beyond. Community and police relations are at the forefront of things we care about; getting out our vote is critical if we are to regain the legislature; endorsing candidates will help our family and friends know who the best candidates are; and working to support issues will make a real difference today and into the future.

  • First, the West Seattle Democratic Women will feature Caption Davis of the Seattle Police Department as our speaker at its September meeting. He will talk about new initiatives on the part of the police department to integrate into and support communities. Captain Davis is a veteran leader here and throughout Seattle.This will be a dinner event at the West Seattle Golf Course with registration starting at 6 pm, dinner at 6:15, a brief business meeting at about 6:45 and a program between 7 and 8.The cost of dinner is $15 for members and $20 for guests. A room fee of $7.50 includes dessert and beverage is available for those who do not want dinner. A no-host bar is available at the golf course clubhouse you want something stronger than tea or coffee.Please RSVP by Sunday, September 18 by response to this email or by calling me at 206-935-4693.
  • Endorsement ballots will be distributed to members at the meeting on September 22. Only candidates who have visited us in the last calendar year can be endorsed for offices down ticket from statewide offices. We will also be considering ballot measures. Initiative 735, related to overturning Citizens United, has already been endorsed.
  • We are pretty comfortable that our local leaders will be re-elected, but we know how important it is to have legislators from other districts that have similar progressive ideals and will support Democratic efforts to make Washington a better, more equitable state. For this reason, we have committed to helping another legislative district nearby support its candidates.Elizabeth Heath, Parliamentarian and longtime member, is heading up that effort for us. In coordination with Les Treall of the 34th LD Dems, she has been in communication (actually has already gone down to Federal Way at least once already) with the campaign manager for legislative candidates to arrange times for a team of WSDW people to go down and phone bank or doorbell in the 30th LD. Here are some dates when you and others would be able to work on this important task:- September 24
    October 1
    October 8Please contact Elizabeth for details (206-326-9111). I think she is trying to arrange something for mornings followed by a lunch gathering. Should be a fun and important activity!
  • Finally, we will be nominating people for the WSDW leadership and elections held in November for installation at the beginning of the year. If you are interested in running for one of the following positions, please let us know – chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer or parliamentarian. We also need people to help with outreach, with membership and especially with registration as our superb greeter and registration guru, Sonia Glenn, is retiring. Or (or should I say and) if you are interested in working on our climate action committee, please let us know. If you have another passion you think we should be addressing, let us know that too.

Only 60 days to go before one of the most important elections of our time is over! Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by reply to this email address or by phone at 206-935-4693. See you soon.

Ann Martin, Chair

West Seattle Democratic Women